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Raw Material Sourcing


Cocoa farmer

The main ingredients in QUALITY STREET are cocoa, sugar, and milk.  We are proud to source most of our milk from British farms and UTZ certified cocoa for our QUALITY STREET chocolates.

Raw material sourcing is the most significant phase of the Product Life Cycle in terms of the Impact on the environment and we have been doing a lot of work to try to improve our activities in this area.


For example, in the UK, we have partnered with First Milk (who are wholly owned by British farmers) to secure locally produced milk, as well as improve the environmental performance and enhance the biodiversity of their dairy farms. This group of farmers supply most of the milk used in the production of our chocolate – including Quality Street – and they have successfully reduced their total greenhouse gas emissions by 5.7% since 2011, equivalent to 5,517 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.


Source: The E-CO2 Project

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